COVID-19 – Health measures

Logo du Défi sportif AlterGo sur fond bleu avec une photo d'une femme portant un masque.

The Défi sportif AlterGo organizing committee has the health of all participants as a priority and is committed to creating a safe competition environment for all.

The organization is committed to respecting the rules and procedures put in place by the different levels of government, public health, as well as by our sports partners and the site and hotel managers.

Some additional sanitary measures could be put in place for certain registered participants in order to respect the protocols of the partner sports federations. Details will be communicated directly to the participants concerned.
While the Organizing Committee is the first to ensure compliance with these rules, the participants themselves will play a key role in ensuring a safe competition by following these guidelines.

However, no guideline can completely eliminate the risk of exposure to VDOC-19 at a public event. It is the responsibility of each athlete, coach, official and volunteer to consider their personal risk tolerance and determine if they are willing to participate in the event.

Merci à nos partenaires!

Thanks to our partners