Formation AlterGo has been offering training and awareness building services for 30 years. The organization has built a solid reputation in the design of workshops on universal accessibility, as well as the welcome and support of people with functional limitations.

Formation AlterGo collaborates with organizations that work with people with functional limitations in the development, review, and delivery of content. The fact that the courses are given by people with functional limitations, facilitates the sharing of experience between trainers and participants.

The courses can be offered across Québec.


Formation AlterGo raises awareness within community stakeholders about the needs of people with disabilities and the universal accessibility principles.

Its consulting service offers exploratory walks in facilities or during public events with people with different functional limitations, in order to comment and assess universal accessibility. These walks are user assessments. They allow people with functional limitations to get a complete picture. Following the exploratory walk, recommendations are made to make the facilities and places visited more accessible to people with functional limitations.

Formation AlterGo also evaluates plans in order to increase the accessibility of new buildings or those under renovation. The idea is to bring the citizen’s point of view to the table of decision makers.

For more information on Formation AlterGo services, please contact:

Charlotte Jacob-Maguire
Coordinnator, Formation AlterGo
514-933-2739, ext. 238

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