The Défi sportif AlterGo wishes to thank and congratulate the volunteers for all the work they have done and their priceless contribution! Year after year, we are deeply touched and inspired by their loyalty, which allows new recruits to have models, and benefit from their experience.

On November 3, 2022, the recognition evening highlighted the commitment and dedication of 40 volunteers, following the 39th edition of the Défi sportif AlterGo. Several honorees were present at the Hotel Universel in Montreal to celebrate with us.

The following volunteers were honored for their 5 years of volunteering: Suzie Carrière, Diane De Montigny, Daniel Dion, Michèle Douyon, Serge Faquette, Elaine Farwell, Johanne Gagné, Jean-Philippe Gagnon, Martin Girard, Michel Handfield, Claude Lapointe, Mikaël Lapointe, Marie-Hélène Lebrun, Diane Leduc, Cloé Mainville, Antonio Moraga Diaz, France Pelletier, Louis Perron, Rémi Provençal, Juliette Renaud et Marie-Josée Senécal.

The following volunteers were honored for their 10 years of involvement: Guylaine Cataford, Mélina Dionne, Guillaume Gauthier, Marie Hébert, et Mark Krusemer. The following volunteers were honored for their 15 years of commitment: Mathieu Bourassa, Suzanne Demers, Manon Lecavalier, Jean-Michel Savoie et Pierre Thibault. 

Chantal Grou, Daniel Lafontaine, Jean-Guy Lapierre, Léo Larochelle, Edna-May Mackenzie and Linda Séguin were honoured for their 20 remarkable years of volunteer work.

Liette Marcil was honored for her 25 years of involvement as a volunteer.

For their 30 years of commitment, dedication and passion, Pierre Moodie and Nicole Pelletier were honored during this evening.

An official plaque was presented on this occasion, where the names of the volunteers who participated in 30 editions of the Défi sportif AlterGo are inscribed each year. This plaque is installed at the AlterGo offices to inspire our visitors and team members. Congratulations and thank you to each of you!

Photos des bénévoles honorés lors de la soirée reconnaissance.
Smiling volunteers holding their recognition prizes surrounded by members of Défi sportif AlterGo, Élise Blais and Jean-Marie Lapointe.

Merci à nos partenaires!

Thanks to our partners

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