To accomplish its mission, Défi sportif AlterGo organizes an annual event that brings together over 6,000 elite and up-and-coming athletes since 1984. Young athletes come from all over Québec while provincial, national and international competitions attract athletes from Canada and many other countries. This one-of-a-kind event is the largest multi-sport event in Canada.

Défi sportif AlterGo is a non-profit organisation. Its initiatives’ success rests on the collaboration and support of many partners. The organization manages with full transparency and great diligence the amounts it receives in the form of subsidies, sponsorships, services or products to accomplish its different projects. Défi sportif AlterGo is proud to contribute to raising Montreal’ and Québec’s profile as a major place for adapted sport accessible to all athletes, regardless of their functional limitations.

Défi sportif AlterGo works with youth with functional limitations and their circle. It raises awareness across Québec about the benefits of sport and a healthy lifestyle. The organization works closely with sports federations from Québec, Canada and at the international level to organize high-level competitions for athletes with functional limitations. Défi sportif AlterGo is recognized for its ability to organize competitions in conformity with international standards. As a result, its expertise is more and more valued.






One day, an avant-garde had a vision. And the Défi sportif AlterGo is born! Back in 1984, Monique Lefebvre, executive director of AlterGo, decided to create an event to shed light on the capacities and talents of people with functional limitations. She wanted to change society’s perception of them. This is how the Défi sportif des athletes handicapés, currently known as Défi sportif AlterGo, was born. For its first edition, the event attracted 720 athletes. Today, more than 6,000 athletes from Québec and across the world, take part in the different competitions, regardless of their deficiency. Through its school sports component, Défi sportif AlterGo helps to encourage youth with functional limitations to go beyond their limits. Over 100 schools and rehabilitation centres participate in this annual celebration of adapted sport.

Every year, Défi sportif AlterGo attracts national and international competitions to Montréal. Depending on the competitions on the program, the event can bring together athletes from more than 20 different countries. Given excellence is one of its core values, Défi sportif AlterGo has received many awards, trophies and honours. It was four times a finalist at the soirée des Lauréats montréalais in the sports competition category.

So much more than an event!

Although it is mostly known for its annual event, Défi sportif AlterGo has become over the years a leader in the promotion of universal accessibility and social inclusion.

In 2010, Défi sportif AlterGo obtained its non-profit status. Ever since, it has been working all year long with youth with functional limitations and their entourage, to promote the benefits of sport and healthy living. Its services are tailored to the needs of the clientele and the priorities set by members of AlterGo and Formation AlterGo.

Its services offer changes depending on the needs of the clientele and the priorities jointly identified by AlterGo and Formation AlterGo.

Défi sportif AlterGo also organizes high-level sporting events, both at the national and international levels.


Over the years, many partners have worked with Défi sportif AlterGo as spokespersons, ambassadors or supporters. First, we must stress the invaluable support of comedian Yvon Deschamps, the spokesperson from 1984 to 1997, who still makes it a point to attend the annual event’s opening ceremony every year. We must also mention our current spokespersons, Senator Chantal Petitclerc (since 1998) and communicator Jean-Marie Lapointe (since 2002), who add to the success and the notoriety of Défi sportif AlterGo.

One must not forget the more discrete role of our financial partners, our sponsors and volunteers who strongly believe in universal accessibility and social inclusion. We thank all of the people who have joined our ranks over the years and made this beautiful human adventure possible all the while contributing to the progress of Québec society.


Merci à nos partenaires!

Thanks to our partners

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Abonnez-vous à notre infolettre pour ne rien manquer des actualités d'AlterGo!