Privacy Policy and Information Security

Communication with the community is critical to achieve our mission, and it is important to us to respect the relationship with community members. This privacy policy ensures that we respect the relationship with our community members, while allowing us to communicate with as many people as possible, personally and effectively.



AlterGo defines “personal information” as any information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual.



There is no obligation to provide any personal information on the organization website unless an individual chooses otherwise. If an individual wishes to make a donation anonymously, he or she will check the box at the beginning of the electronic donation form.

AlterGo collects personal information on its “Make a Donation” web pages and when a donation is made by mail or telephone. AlterGo collects this information to process or acknowledge donations and to issue tax receipts. Please note that names and other information appear on our mailing lists and are used for the following purposes

– Correspondence (postal or electronic) to solicit support from individuals.

– Correspondence (by mail or e-mail) to invite supporters to attend or participate in special events.

– Participation in consultations, surveys to help the organization

– Electronic correspondence to notify of any updates or items of interest on the AlterGo website. Any email sent by the organization offers the opportunity to remove your name from electronic mailing lists.



AlterGo recognizes the need to protect the personal information of its members, partners and donors. To that end, AlterGo is committed to:

– Maintain strict confidentiality in the collection, use and disclosure of personal information;

– Collect or use such information only after having fully informed the members, partners and donors and only for the purposes sought by them;

– Not to share any personal information about them with any third party;

– Recognize their right to access their personal information;

– To be available to answer their questions and concerns about how the organization protects the privacy of their personal information.

If you have any questions, please contact the organization: