The Défi sportif AlterGo could hardly exist without the contributions of its partners. One of its newest partners is Poches & Fils, and we expect the partnership to last a long while. To celebrate, the company designed a special t-shirt. Twenty-five percent of proceeds from the sales will be donated to AlterGo.


“I attended the Défi last year when it was held in hybrid mode, just after the pandemic. This year, I saw the human archway. It was very moving. It’s extremely heartwarming to see the huge smiles on the kids’ faces. The harmony between everybody here is incredible. It’s very impressive. Attending the Défi means falling in love with it and deciding to stay. Poches & Fils is very proud to be joining the AlterGo movement. We’re pleased to be a part of it.”


Wondering if this glowing review applies to any regular day in the life of the Défi sportif AlterGo? You bet it does! After all, thanks to the organization and its high level of enthusiasm, the sun continues to shine in Montréal, even beneath the clouds!

Should you wish to purchase a Poches & Fils t-shirt, please click here.