Dozens of students from Victor-Doré Elementary, in Montreal, had their efforts rewarded on June 5. The youths, who won the “Torch Relay” contest, had the honour of receiving their Défi sportif AlterGo medals and banner, as well as a souvenir gift.

The athletes were rewarded in front of their parents, teachers, and specialists, but also Jean-Marie Lapointe, spokesperson for the Défi sportif AlterGo for 17 years, the mascot WalterGo and therapeutic clowns from Fondation Dr Clown.

A month before, more than 50 students from Victor-Doré had participated in the 36th edition of Canada’s largest annual multisport event.

The school stood out at the “Torch Relay” contest with its star-spangled torch that could emit light. The artwork was made by a group of students, physical education teachers Laura Gatto and Liette Marcil, special education instructor Sylvie Drouin, occupational therapist Isabelle Cléroux and orthotic and prosthetic technician Guy Marcotte.

“The students, Laura and I are very proud to have won the contest”, said Marcil. “The Défi sportif AlterGo is a big event in the lives of our students. They already talk about it at the beginning of the school year, in August! Plus, for us, the Défi is a source of motivation to bring kids to be active, learn and push themselves”, she added.

The Défi sportif AlterGo’s team wishes to thank all the schools that participated in the contest. Their wonderful creations were very impressive! More than 7,000 athletes from 145 schools and rehabilitation centres across Quebec took part in the 2019 Défi sportif AlterGo’s school sports competitions.


Pictured: Youths from École Victor-Doré pose with their medals around their necks while holding a Boccia champions banner and a souvenir frame, in front of school staff, mascot WalterGo and Défi sportif AlterGo’s spokesperson Jean-Marie Lapointe. (Photo: Défi sportif AlterGo)

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